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Frequently Asked Questions​

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What is EATC and what are Expert Advisors (Trading Robots)

What is EATC?

Expert Advisor Trade Copy. Users can purchase Expert Advisor Trading Robots for the MetaTrader4 (MT4) application through our website. These trading robots are algorithmic trading and represent an application of quantitative finance.

What is an Expert Advisor?

Expert Advisors are programs that allow for the automation of trading strategies.These are rule based programs that are able to analyze the market and execute actions on the MT4 trading platform. These programs are composed of various components such as entry rule, exit rule, risk management rules and can be based off various concepts.

Where to run Expert advisors, computer, laptop or VPS? 

The expert advisors needs to be running to analyze and execute trades. Therefore, it is better to have access to a desktop computer or laptop that you can run for long periods of time. This is why a desktop computer is more ideal, however a laptop is good for starting purposes also. 

Yes, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be used to have remote access to computing power that will run continuously. This would reduce the potential risk of downtime compared to a desktop or laptop. There are many different VPS companies and we advise the reader to search for one that suits their needs. 


Can I check performance on the go? 

Yes! Once the Expert Advisors are running on a desktop/laptop/VPS you can view

the progress on the mobile metatrader 4 app. This application is available for

various different phones. Please note, this is just for viewing. The EA’s will continue

to run and analyze based off the desktop/laptop/VPS. However, on the mobile

application you can see the progress and make any changes you want to your trades.



What is EATC and what are Expert Advisors (Trading Robots)

What software is used to run the Expert Advisors purchased on EATC website? 


On the EATC website you are purchasing an Expert Advisor which represents a

trading robot that can be ran on the metatrader 4. This is available for download on

many websites; here is a website that provides information abut difference ways to

use metatrader 4:



Will new robots come out? How many EATC robots should I purchase? 


Yes! EATC will continue to develop new trading robots and provide the community with resources. There is no optimal amount of EATC to purchase. To review, an EATC represents one trading robot that executes trades based off of one defined strategy and risk management protocol. By running multiple EATC trading robots, you have the ability to review the performance of different strategies and increase the diversity of the trading robots you own. The more trading robots you have the more opportunity you have to build a diverse set of strong trading robots. However, even purchasing one EATC trading robot will allow you to experience algorithmic trading!


Forum and community sharing


How will the forum work? How to apply to become a writer.  

Our goal at EATC is to create a community that has the ability to share information

with one another and share information regarding projects on the network. We

want to open our forums to individuals who are interested in discussing projects

and making analysis reports for rewards in EATC: apply to become a writer email:

eatcsoftware@gmail.com. The current reward is few robots to test!



What are benefits of trading robots versus human trading?

Comparing EATC with Retail Trading

Ability to analyze numerous assets without affecting performance or compromising of trading rules. The ability to manage 1 trading robot is the same as managing 100 or 1000 trading robots. This approach is scalable and can run on many robots for analysis! 

Hard for humans to efficiently monitor multiple assets without negatively affecting performance. We are unable to effectively multi-task while maintaining our highest degree of focus. For algorithms this is not a problem

Follows a strict risk management protocol that is adhered to 100% of the time. The rules are based off lines of codes and does not change between trades. 

Retail traders who are new have a tendency to overleverage their accounts in hopes of getting rich quick. Once a drawdown occurs this overleveraging can result in large amounts of initial capital being risked. Resulting in increasing odds of losing all money in account, as a result of inconsistent risk management. 

EATC Trading Robots can be set to run continuously through all time zones and can enter and exit trades without any human intervention. We do recommend that the user monitors the trades/positions and adjust stoploss to breakeven or exit profitable or losing trades based on market conditions (more on this in tutorial videos)

Humans are required to sleep and have time off, as a result this can lead to missed opportunities in the market. These missed opportunities can result in inconsistencies within a trading strategy. Therefore, this downtime, or inability to monitor the graphs constantly is a flaw of humans versus algorithmic trading.

Latency for MT4 is measured in milliseconds. These speeds for analyzing and reacting to the graph constantly is something that humans are incapable of.

Humans are unable to react as quickly as computers to new information or placing trades.

Does not change trading strategy through good and bad times. Strict execution of coded and tested strategy. 

Two human emotions that can lead to inefficient trading are over-confidence and revenge trading. These can result in short term deviation from an investor’s optimal trading strategy that can have long term negative consequences. 

EATC uses complex and new data science techniques to allow our data scientist to create our strategies. Each of our strategies are tested against years of historical data, tested for overfitting and to ensure robustness. In addition, the trades placed by the robot are analyzed along with its performance characteristics such as drawdown, sharpe ratio, return to drawdown, and various other parameters.

Most traders lack the ability to carefully test their strategy through a computer/algorithm based approach. As a result they are unable to know the true performance of their strategy and also the associated weaknesses and strengths associated with it. This leads to trading without all the required information.

Strategy Synthesis


At EATC, we employ diverse methods to create strategies. As previously explained, our methodology requires the screening of a large amount of EA’s to identify profitable EA’s and thus having diverse strategy synthesis methods. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss the specifics regarding our strategy synthesis methods. However, we have tested extremely large amounts of different strategies to create our large and diverse library. We have created algorithms that execute both market orders, limit orders and stop orders allowing for strategies to exploit a range of opportunities. Furthermore, each strategy is carefully tested to ensure that the strategy is robust and has not been over optimized.

Robustness test such as monte carlo simulation, and the utilization of in and out of sample data testing are employed Further, we conduct forward testing of our strategies and are constantly creating and evolving our library of strategies. Overall, our goal at EATC is to create high quality algorithms that allow the average user to gain insight into the world of quantitative trading.  


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